Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Upcycled tin can pencil pot

I made this over the summer, I can't remember where the idea came from but I'm pretty pleased with it. It needs some tweaking, mainly with dimensions since it seems to always come out either too large or too small but eventually I'd like to make a couple more for my Etsy shop.

In the meantime though, I use this one in my study and another one (photos to follow) in the kitchen. I keep planning on making Andrew a Transformers themed one but I've yet to find the right fabric.




This one came out too big and so when you fasten the velcro there's a large overhanging lip. It looked a bit silly so I tied the ribbon round it to hold down the flappy bit and I thought it looked quite cute like that. Just goes to show, sometimes cool ideas come out of mistakes!

It's just a piece of scrap material, backed with white cotton with batting in the middle. It fastens round an old tin can, cleaned out obviously. I like the way you take something you were going to throw away (well, recycle) and turn it into something pretty and functional ♥

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