Monday, 18 March 2013

Slowly regaining my craftiness

I know I've been moaning a lot recently about my lack of crafty vibes.  I've had a few mishaps on recent projects, coupled with my sewing machine being in Edinburgh and me being in York.  The whole York-Edinburgh situation is getting me down and I've been losing my motivation to create.  Plus between not finishing work until 7pm and fitting in running and job applications, I've not got a huge amount of time left to do fun stuff.


But!  No more moaning!  I've decided to be proactive and bring my sewing machine down to York.  I've got 2 sorbetto tops planned and since I entered Karen's (of Did you make that? ) 2013 Sewlutions, I really need to get a move on.  I pledged to make myself 6 items of clothing this year, with the thought that one item every other month would be manageable.  Well, we're now halfway through March and I have items.  But!  In a positive light, I only need to make one item of clothing and I'll be back on track.  Sorbetto top, here we come!


These little guys had to be made for a guy at work who changed my flat tyre a few weeks back.  I was going to bake him some pasties as a thank you, but then developed a stonking cold so didn't want to bake germ-riddled food items.  In the spirit of rekindling creativity (and saving money and using up stash!) I went with the old Christmas favourite, the monsters.  He's off on paternity leave after having his second baby so there's a bigger monster for his 2 year old and a smaller monster for the wee one.  I can feel my crafting mojo slowing returning...

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