Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Train crafting

I've just come back from a lovely weekend in Devon with my two favourite lady friends.  It was great to just relax, craft, eat, drink and chat about anything and everything.  I came back feeling refreshed and keen to craft.  In fact, on the train on the way back I whipped up this little number for Isaac's first birthday. 



It's hard to model a kid's hat with ear flaps flat on the floor so here's a snapshot of a ball of wool modelling a small child's hat.  This is what I do in my lunch hour. 


The grey band along the bottom involves picking up stitches and knitting 3 rows.  It was probably my best attempt at picking up stitches to date but still not ideal, you can see that the band is tighter than the rest of the hat.  I really hope this won't be a problem for Isaac!  I didn't have a handy child to try it on so I had to send it off into the maw of Royal Mail and keep fingers crossed...

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