Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thoughts on wedding dresses

I haven't really started wedding planning yet, I occasionally browse pinterest, then get annoyed after 10 minutes when I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  We've (almost) settled on a date, looked at 1 venue (which wasn't quite right) and I've (kind of) picked a photographer.  The one thing I do want to start shopping for though is my dress!

Love the dress, hate the expression

I think at the moment that I want something green and vintage.  I love the idea of making my own dress like Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking or Zoe from So Zo but if I'm honest, I don't have the skillz.  I don't want to look at photos of myself in the future and see how the zipper isn't lined up properly or the pleats are wonky. 

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Love the colour

I've been browsing pinterest for inspiration, with the thought that when I do start vintage shopping, I'll have a vague idea in mind.  I guess that could make it both easier and harder at the same time, since if you've already set your heart on something, invariably nothing lives up to it, but then equally when faced with a large volume of vintage to rifle through, it's definitely easier to be able to automatically filter on the basis of style or colour. 

This is a beautiful but quite revealing dress.  I'd rather not pop out a nipple in front of my Grandad to be honest

I've tried a few actual wedding dress sites and holy cow wedding dresses are expensive.  I want to look pretty but equally I want to buy a house and it would seem that you have to hand over a signficant chunk of a house deposit to buy some wisps of lace and silk you'll wear for approximately 12 hours.  Fuck. That. Shit.  I want to wear my wedding dress again so green vintage it shall be!  I'll keep you guys posted...

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Alana said...

Awesome attitude, good for you. I think a green vintage dress sounds fantastic. My mother made my wedding dress, it was made from vintage pattern of an evening dress, with a matching cape. The dress was long and A-line, sleeveless with a boat neck in pale pink silk and the cape was a shade darker, also in silk. I wouldn't have wanted to wear anything else on my wedding day!