Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Zippered pouch and a sneak preview!

Remember the dinosaur zippered pouch I made, way back in January?  It's nothing special really, just a zippered pouch, though to me every zippered pouch is a MASSIVE TRIUMPH since I epically suck at putting in a zip.  I don't know what it is about zips, I follow the instructions carefully and use the right sewing foot but somehow they always come out slightly wonky.  This one didn't though, I'm very proud, it represents one small step for a sewing nerd, one giant leap for...hmm, well, me.

Does anyone else find that when they make photos smaller in Flickr, they somehow become less focused?  Is that a thing?  Or is it my crappy photography skills?  It happened in the inside shot of the vest top in the post below, and just happened again with this shot.  Weird stuffs.

This one I made for work, to hold all the kit needed for the blood machine.  Sexy right?  That 99p pillow case from the charity shop has served me well!


This little dude is hiding away, I can't show you him until after Christmas but he's pretty damn adorable!

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