Sunday, 11 November 2012

Recycled t-shirt to vest

I recently inherited a whole pile of t-shirts from a friend, each with an awesome print on the front.  Since most of them were too big for me and some had stains in funny places, I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally have a bash at So Zo's free t-shirt to vest pattern.  I've been meaning to try this pattern for ages, since reading it on Zoe's blog and seeing successful 'upcycled' (to use the disgustingly trendy term) versions on Did you make that? and Scruffy Badger Time's blogs.


Please excuse the blotchiness, this was a straight-out-of-the-shower shot

They were not lying when they said this pattern is easy!  Zoe, I tip my hat to you, my fear of sewing patterns (recently mentioned over here) is somewhat abated, at least for the moment.  I only managed one of these on my week off (so much for 5 tops in 10 days, ha!), I did lots of non-clothing sewing too.


Don't mess with those arms, BEEFY ARMS WILL EAT YOU!

I love the recycling aspect of this project, that I can now buy charity shop men's t-shirts and turn them into something I would wear on a daily basis.  This one is going to be a sleeping vest, to go with a pair of pyjama bottoms I have yet to make.  


Look at that neat elastic sewing!  I'm so proud

The elastic was the best of a bad bunch from my local fabric store so is sadly of the type that reminds me of old lady bra straps.  You know the ones - functional, wide, comfortable but not at all sexy.  I know I can get nicer, cheaper versions online but I wanted a quick fix, I wanted it in my sweaty little palm right then and there.  I got duped, though it works for a sleeping vest.


Obligatory inside shot.  Sewing elastic is strangely satisfying

Next time I'm going to grade up a size from below the bust downwards.  Although this one technically fits me, it's a bit tight to wear outside (hence sleeping only).  It's comfortable, don't get me wrong, it's just that it clings that bit too much to my muffin tops.  Or after this week of holiday, cheese-take-out-and-wine-tops.  I'm on a health food kick this week, I have no holiday regrets but feel my arteries and liver have taken a pounding...


Scruffybadger said...

Yay!! What a great new lease of life and successful sozo vest. Careful, sewing them can be addictive!

M-J said...

That's impressive! Can't believe it's an old t-shirt. It fits really well. Well done you! x

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! Now I've just got to learn to pose better, every photo of me I'm just standing staring straight at the camera, it's not very sexy!