Sunday, 18 November 2012

(Almost) finished project!

It's so nice to be able to post an (almost) finished project, I feel like I constantly have several large projects on the go that seem to go on and on forever (the new house blanket being a case in point) and the only things I ever finished are small projects that can be done in an evening.  I have so many unfinished objects (or UFO's for the non-knitters out there) lying around the house, hopefully now I have a craft room I can start mopping them up a bit!


This is my second owl jumper and it was just as quick and simple to knit as the first.  I finished it while I was on holiday last week and back in Edinburgh, so I blocked it and left it to dry on the floor in the box room.  When I'm back up in 2 weeks time I plan to sew on the eye buttons and then that's one Christmas present ticked off!  I'm pretty certain my Mum doesn't read my blog, otherwise I'm in trouble...


Drying on the floor in the box room

In other knitting news, I've started my next Christmas project, Vicky's cable knit skirt.  I'm actually further along than this photo implies so I'll be showing my work in progress soon.  I love chunky yarn, it knits up so quickly!


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