Sunday, 8 January 2012

Owl jumper

There's a bit of an owl theme going on with the 2012 posts at the mo, how strange. Anyway, here's the finished owl sweater I knitted for Vicky from her Mum for Christmas (incidentally, that's Vicky of the amazing rose teacosy fame. She's hoping to start a blog soon so watch this space, she crafts beautiful things and takes lovely photos so I'm sure it'll be a feast for the eyes!).


I love this pattern with a passion, it's so simple but so effective, I'm planning on knitting one for myself and my Mum this year. Sadly I didn't manage to get any photos of it on, but maybe Vicky will take one at some point! I'd like one in a tweedy green for me and I'm planning a raspberry or paler pink version for my Mum. I'm going to get some New Lanark wool for both projects I think!



C l A i R E said...


Amy said...

Thank you :-)

Lemons for Lemonade said...

oh my gosh the owly jumper is AMAZING!!

Just hopped over here from M-J's blog - loving your work :) x x

Amy said...

Thanks very much Lemons, welcome to my blog!