Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chunky woolen wristies

I was given a knitting kit for Christmas from my gran, from Wool Fish in St Abbs, Scotland. It was a pretty simple kit, with wool, needles and instuctions to make a pair of fingerless gloves. I don't really like long gloves, since they make your jumper bunch up, so I shortened them and made two pair of wristies instead.


I'm considering threading some ribbon through the bottom holes of one pair, to make them a little bit different. They're perfect for typing at my computer, since my fingers get cold in the winter, or for reading in bed now it's starting to get chilly!



harry said...

This fingerless gloves looking very good. I want to make fingerless gloves but i was totally unknown, can you give me the full instruction for how to made this gloves? I am waiting.
carte r4

Amy said...

Hi Harry! Thanks for your interest, since these were from a bought kit I can't give you the pattern since it wouldn't be fair on the maker and seller of the kit. If you go to or though, you'll be able to find free or cheap patterns for similar designs!