Sunday, 21 February 2010

I love tins, does this make me an old lady?

I love tins. I think it's something I picked up from my Mum, who has lots of different tins, though most of them sit unused, gathering dust on top of the kitchen cupboards.

My grandparents are in the process of having an extension done on their bungalow and so lots of amazing vintage pieces keep coming to light (along with an inordinate amount of rubbish...). I'm trying my best not to be too much of a vulture, picking through the things they're throwing out or giving away but sometimes I just can't help myself and I rescued these gems the other day.

The home tin is just perfect for my herbal teabags and is now sitting on top of the microwave. The sentiment on the side really speaks to me at the moment, the flat is feeling more and more like home now we've been here nearly a year and I'm so comfortable here I never want to leave. If it had a proper garden that I could walk straight into, instead of having to trek down 3 flights of stairs, it would be perfect because then I could have a dog. Other than that though, I want for nothing ♥





The Queen tin is especially awesome, I love anything with royal family connections. I'm not a royal nut or anything like that but there's something about the royal family that makes me really proud to be British. I love the direct connection to history, as a lover of period drama and anything involving hot men/women playing out history (I *loved* The Tudors, mmm...Jonathan Rhys Meyers...), I love the fact that Queen Elizabeth II can trace a direct line back to Henry VIII (The Other Boleyn Girl, mmm...Scarlett Johansson) or Elizabeth I (Elizabeth,mmm...Joseph Fiennes...). Sadly I didn't enjoy history at school, but I've come to love it now through period drama and novels.

My parents' neighbours have a brick set into the wall of their porch with Charles and Diana's wedding date and names carved into it. Although we all know how that turned out, I love the classic Englishness of that, although I consider myself more Scottish these days, it makes me proud and nostalgic when I think of it.


Sareth said...

I love that first tin, it's so brightly coloured.

Amy said...

Yeah, I love everything about it, it's so cheery!

I love tins in general really, they're so useful :-)