Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Still more giveaway fun!

Whilst waiting for an ebay auction to end tonight (nothing exciting, just a new filofax. But brown leather, yum!) I wasted time browsing blogs. And stumbled upon this gem of the blogosphere, The Brocantess. Her writing style is lovely and she's all about flea markets and thrifting, just my kind of blog.


She's doing a massive French vintage giveaway over on her blog so I thought I'd have a crack at entering (though with currently 140 other entrants, I don't think I stand much chance!).

So here we are Ms. Brocantess, consider SecondFiddle entered! Hmm...maybe that's a poor choice of words...


Quidam_Ela said...

Hey Amy! Loving the blog by the way!

I was wondering how you manage to change the background template/design for the blog - I seem destined to have one of the boring stock templates on mine as I'm too dumb to figure out how to change it!


Amy said...

Hey! Thank you :-) I wish I had more time to update it, I'm constantly making things and half the time I just forget to take photos or blog about it!

If you go to 'customise' on the top right of your blog page, then 'layout' then 'choose new template' you can play around with different templates. If you want to upload your own banner like I have, go to 'edit layout' then 'edit' in the corner of the header bar in the diagram of your blog if that makes sense?!

Quidam_Ela said...

Ah! Thank you! Sounds straightforward :)

I know what you mean about time to update blogs. When I have things to blog about I'm too busy to write about them; when I have time to blog I have nothing interesting to say!
I hope uni is going well?

Amy said...

It's pretty good thanks, a bit stressful at the moment though, exams fast approaching!

How's the job going? Your house doesn't sound much fun from your facebook statuses :-(