Monday, 21 September 2009

Midnight feasts and new tablecloths

I know you're not supposed to take photos with unnecessary clutter that will distract the viewer, but I had to show you all my new tablecloth in it's natural environment i.e. hidden under piles of rubbish.
Last night Andrew and I decided to have an early night but lying in bed awake I happened to mention I was peckish. Next thing you know, we're both back out of bed making cheese toasties and eating chocolate-covered hobnobs (a king amongst biscuits) in our pyjamas, having only brushed our teeth less than 15 minutes earlier. It was amazing, cheese toasties taste so much better when you feel like you're scoffing them secretly, lest matron find out a la Malory Towers.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of introducing my new tablecloth! Here it is in all it's glory, under the remains of last night's midnight feast. I'm quite impressed with this little tablecloth, I bought the fabric in a sale in Ikea for £2.60 (we went for a futon but never mind), came home and just threw it over the kitchen table. It was like they were meant to be together. At some point soon I'll have to hem the edges but for the moment I start back at uni tomorrow so hemming will have to wait.



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