Monday, 14 September 2009

RIP teapot

Today is a sad day. Today is the day that I must announce the passing of the World's Greatest Teapot. In his short but happy life, teapot brought joy to many people, especially Amy and Andrew. He never dripped, was easy to clean, always bright and cheerful. Amy has a special bond with him, having rescued him for £4 from the Bethany Shop. Ironically, a week before she carelessly broke him by dropping a mustard pot onto his head, she found the exact same teapot for the exact same price in the exact same charity shop but didn't buy it. What a mistake. A week later we must mourn the passing of the World's Greatest Teapot and reflect on our stupidity for not buying a spare when we had the chance.

Farewell faithful friend, we barely knew ye.



For those who subscribe to the Buddhist faith, you'll be pleased to know that teapot was later reincarnated a plant pot holder.



Anonymous said...

Oh no, poor teapot! I can affirm that he brought much joy to my life while we were staying with you, and will doubtless be sadly missed. Still, I couldn't help but be tickled by your Buddhist comment. Vive le recycling! x

Amy said...

I was twice as gutted because I found the exact same teapot in the Bethany Shop just a week beforehand and didn't buy it! I could have totally done with a spare when teapot's life was so cruelly cut short :-( xx