Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Some new flat photos

So, I promised Vicky some new flat photos, there's not many (and it's mainly of furniture!) but it's a start at least!

I love the new flat, it's so nice not to have to worry about other people any more. No fighting for the bathroom in the morning, or creeping around at 11pm when everyone else has gone to bed. No strange continental folk and their anal cleaning habits or spending whole evenings alone in my room because no one wants to talk to me. No feeling guilty for wanting to be with Andrew, huzzah!

The flat is full of gorgeous period features, we've even got bells in the kitchen for our servants, darling! There are 3 open fireplaces, I'm really looking forward to the winter when we can use them properly, I've been collecting sticks on the Meadows for kindling.

There's one in our room, one in the spare room and one in the lounge. This is the one in our room:

I love that mirror, Vicky gave it to me years ago when they were sorting out her nan's house. I love how it looks against the green wallpaper especially. I don't know if you can see, but the 2 glass candlesticks I got when my gran died, they're part of a dressing table set so the rest are on the dressing table. I might take a photo of them all together, they're really pretty and deserve a blog post all to themselves! The faux-champagne bottle was from my graduation, we did have real champagne as well but somehow this was the bottle that survived. I'm now using it as a candle holder.

The dressing table. All this furniture came with the flat but it's pretty much exactly what I would have chosen anyway!

The wardrobe. I love how art deco it looks, inside it's got properly tarnished old fashioned brass rails and hooks for hanging your clothes.

Patchy and Little Ugly Blanket! I know I've blogged about them before but I thought a proper photo of them in their natural habitat was in order. Little Ugly Blanket was my first proper crochet project, whilst Patchy was my first proper quilt.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, your flat looks beautiful - no wonder you were keen to snap the place up! Those period features and antique furniture bits are such a find! Glad to see that Nan's mirror is still serving you well, too :-) Thank you for the bloggitude - I will return the favour, showcasing many of your crafty wares in their own natural habitats, asap! xxx

Amy said...

Thank you! You'll have to come and visit soon!

How's your new flat getting on? You should totally post up some photos, I want to seeeeee! xxx