Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Housewarming present!

I've been working on this since before Christmas, it was supposed to be a Christmas present for Vicky but sadly ended up a bit late and is now a housewarming present! I'm just waiting on the good news that she's finally found a flat, London sounds super cut-throat for flat hunting, give me the north country any day.

It's just another good old crochet blanket, they come together so easily, I want to make one for us to keep, I keep giving them away!

Also check out the awesome old-fashioned style laundry rack, it's one of those wooden ones that's suspended from the ceiling...*drools*...laundry porn...




Anonymous said...

Not sure if my text of joy got through to you m'dear, but thank you so much! The blanket is absolutely beautiful, and is now doing a wonderful job of making our sofa perfectly cosy (along with the beautiful cushions, of course! You're practically single-handedly furnishing our flat!) xxx

Amy said...

It did, it did! I'm just rubbish at replying at the moment, I'm so sorry! We've got exams next week, 5 in a week, then 2 the following week so I'm up to my eyeballs *sigh*. I'm so glad you like the blanket, I'd love to see some photos of your flat as well! xxx