Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Return to bloggage!

So, it's been a while! Moving house sucked up way more time than I thought it would (and MAN I have a lot of stuff! The 7 people it took to help us move house can definitely attest to this *hangs head*) and impending exam doom has limited the blogging time somewhat. Also, we've been without internet for the past 3 weeks, it's been like living in the stone age. It's back now, huzzah, though only on Nerd Boy's PC, which means I only get a look-in when he's at work and I'm supposed to be studying. Bring on the wireless router is all I can say...

Anyway, here's a wheat-a-bottle cover I've been planning on making for ages. For those who haven't discovered the joys of the wheat-a-bottle, it's a bag full of wheat that you put in the microwave. It heats up and then you use it like a water bottle, with the added advantages of not having to faff on with boiling water and moulding to your body shape. Mine came with a spectacularly rubbish floral cover (and not the nice kind of floral, believe me) which I've used for the past 4 years until I burned it in the microwave in the old flat (wow, the smell of burned wheat hangs around for a LONG time) and a hole appeared.

I've had this cardigan for a good long time, it's an old cardi of my Mum's, she wore it until it developed too many holes to be decent, so I inherited it for crafting. A quick 60 degree wash and it came out beautifully felted, I love fair isle with a passion. It also doesn't fray, which makes it super awesome.



I'm delighted with how it's turned out, it's not as wonky in real life, promise. It's all warm and snuggly, I'm almost disappointed the weather's become a bit too nice to merit using it!

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