Thursday, 1 May 2008

The beginnings of a logo...

Check out the first draft of my logo! It's based on the late, great Jools who sadly had to be put to sleep just before christmas last year.

I'm going to go for the top left dog face, with the first title in the list of 3, with the name placed under the dog's head like in the top right picture. Confused?! I am too...


Sadly HSBC are being pains in the proverbial about my credit card, even though they've issued me one in the past and it just expired. Apparently my credit limit isn't high enough for them to issue me a new one and without a credit card I can't set up an etsy store. My mum has offered to let me use hers but it's just such a hassle, I can't believe HSBC are being so hard to deal with! Never mind, we will overcome...hopefully!

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