Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer straw hat make over!

This was a really simple make-over of a 'straw hat with naff raffia flowers' to 'straw hat with awesome floral scarf'!  I've had the scarf in my drawers for about 7 years now, it was free with a magazine I bought in my first year of Aberdeen (I don't know why that's stuck in my head but it has.  I think it was my first 'grown up' magazine purchase i.e. not Just 17) and I've always liked the colours but never been sure how to wear it.


Apologies for the lack of proper 'before' picture, I didn't take one myself and the Marks and Spencer website has that stupid 'zoom in' function where you can't download the picture itself.  Stupid M&S, not letting me steal their photos for free... Hopefully you get the idea with the tiny picture though!  I really liked the classic floppy-brimmed straw hat but wasn't a fan of the raffia flowers, luckily they were held on with the minimum of thread, so it was a simple job to cut them off and replace them with this scarf.


A few stitches in the relevant places to stop the scarf slipping off and we have a winner!  I'm a big fan of make overs, an easy and thrifty way to update your look and reuse old clothes.  Perfect timing for the lovely warm sunshine Edinburgh has finally been enjoying!


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