Thursday, 4 August 2011

New summer skirt!

Remember the skirt kit I got for my birthday? Well, I made it up!

I was really pleased with how quick and easy this was, especially given my mental block with following sewing instructions, I finished the whole thing in about 2 hours whilst listening to Radio 6.


I wore it out yesterday and am planning on wearing it out again today! I was going to cycle in it (with cycle shorts underneath of course, can't be flashing my bright pink pants to the world) but Andrew persuaded me otherwise because it's raining and I'll get all muddy. Sad face. I'm taking it with me though, to change into when I get there!


Things I learned whilst making this skirt:

- Not drinking wine whilst sewing makes a huge difference to the professionalism of the outcome
- Not watching TV whilst sewing makes a huge difference to the straightness of my hems
- Listening to the radio is infinitely better than watching TV whilst sewing
- Measure twice, cut once = GENIUS!

Apologies for the cars in the backgrounds of the photos, the whole point of taking them on the Meadows is to avoid distractions like that in the background but apparently my photographer (who shall remain nameless...) has the mental capacity of a small fish and needs reminding of this every time.

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M-J said...

Amy I am impressed! it looks fab, nice shoes too! With the measure twice cut once thing, my dad was once trying to cut an inch off the bottom of a walk in cupboard door as we had a new thick carpet put in, and the door then wouldn't open properly. He measured it once, then the phone rang, he measured it again and someone came to the door, he measured it again and then cut an inch off the top! Doh! It's pretty funny as there is now a big gap at the bottom and at the top. Numpty! But I see your measuring etc paid off here! good work. xx