Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hooray for the new PC!

I am now in possesion of a brand new PC! I feel like a real grown up, I know this is a bit silly but I associate laptops with being a student, always moving house, not being able to get a PC because it didn't make sense to be constantly moving a giant computer with me every 9 months. Now I have a PC I feel like I'm settled in one place and can start putting down roots. This is especially silly because I've been settled here for 18 months now and have been busy putting down roots since I arrived but ah well, the mind works in mysterious ways!

Now we can get back to the proper blogging. I've been wanting to show off my sewing box for a while now, it was given to me by Andrew's granny before she died and I love it. I know it's a style that is still around today but mine is at least 30 years old and probably older. It's still in tip-top condition and just needs the screws gently tightening every so often. It fits pretty much all of my sewing related gubbins, with room to spare and I love that it's a piece of family history as well.


Thank you Tess ♥

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