Friday, 20 August 2010

Cable knit gloves

I'm so in love with these gloves! They took me 3 attempts (one of which involved putting the right thumb on the wrong side, leaving me with 2 left gloves) but they're going to be totally worth it, I (almost) wish it was cool enough at the moment for me to wear them!

They were a pattern from Ravelry, Kat's Chunky Cabled Gloves. It was a bit daunting starting them as the only other pair made on Ravelry were by the author. Normally I like patterns were thousands of people have made it before me, meaning if I get stuck I can look at other people's notes.

I'm pretty proud of these though!




In other news I'm still struggling on with my Simplicity skirt (2656 if anyone is interested). I wish I'd checked reviews before I bought it, I've now realised that I'm not the only one struggling with it. Still, I'm a cunning fox and have made this one in cheap cotton that I don't really care about so if I have to abandon it, I won't have lost too much. I'll keep you updated!

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