Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First attempt at card craft

Apologies for the orange tinted photos, I had to take a quick photo of the cards before they were wrapped up and posted off for Kathryn and Owen.

Owen's present was blogged about over here, but I don't think I've mentioned Kathryn yet. She recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Charlotte Lewis, and since I promised months ago to knit her a tomato hat, I got t'knittin'! I also bought a hat and jumper set for the princely sum of £1.50 from Cancer Research, hand knitted and everything, but foolishly forgot to take a photo of it before I posted it off today. Sad face. Hopefully Kathryn will be forthcoming with the photos of Bean modelling them herself!

The cards:

The tomato hat:

And here is the little lady herself, Charlotte (Bean) Lewis *melts a little inside*


Anonymous said...

Aww, she's beautiful - and the little hat is *so* adorable! If you get any further hat-making urges, I'll try and find the link to the wee crochet bear hat pattern I think I mentioned while I was up :-)

Amy said...

Haha, thank you! Kathryn is going to email me a photo of her wearing the hat so I'll be posting that up the instant it arrives!

Ooo, the bear hat sounds awesome, I'd love to see the link! I need to practice my crochet as well, so far square blankets are the only things I can do xxx