Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Plastic bag holder

A classic example of how crafts can enter every aspect of your life. I told Andrew I was making us a plastic bag holder and he looked at me with that, "oh my goodness, how did I end up with this one?" look he does from time to time. He pulls that look out when I declare things like, "I think I'd like to run a marathon" or "I thought 'cinco de mayo' meant 5 jars of mayonnaise".

Anyway, here it is, the plastic bag holder! And my oh my, how useful it is. I can't believe we ever managed without one. I might knock up a couple of these for Etsy.



Anonymous said...

So pretty and useful! I plan to make one much the same myself if I have any fabric left over from making my cushions. And so the craft 'to-do' list lengthened... xxx

Amy said...

Ooof, tell me about it, my to-do list seems to have reached triple figures! xxx