Friday, 27 February 2009

Moving house

OK, so it's not about craft or thrift but I just thought I'd share a little image with you all of the current state of affairs in the Taylor-Dyce household. I had to be out of my flat by 3pm today so all my stuff was dutifully packed up on Wednesday night and made it across to Andrew's last night. So, our first official night of living together, I feel like a pair of squatters. Imagine this pile of stuff, now times it by three and that's about the extent of the damage. It's just for a week (thank god), until 5pm next Friday when we sign the new lease and get the new keys and can officially move in. At the moment there's a channel from the door to the bed and another from the door to the computer and wardrobe, with stuff piled up on either side. There's some piled by the hedgehogs and my sad looking aloe and peppermint plants (the first injuries of house moving, my aloe lost a stem. I also smashed a plate and ripped a lamp, sad day) are parked by the door.

The good thing about moving is that plenty of old craft projects and thrifted bits have come to light, as soon as we're in the new place and settled I'll be frantically taking photos and blogging. Finally I might be up to date with my craft blog! I've got plenty of cushion covers to show you all, a crocheted blanket from years ago, a mirror from a house clearance, the pier chair I got off ebay, the 100 year old spice jars I bought in Stockholm...the list goes on.

In the meantime, the current state of affairs:



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