Friday, 21 August 2009

Antique Swedish spice pots

I've been meaning to write about these for over a year now. Last July 2 of my friends got married in Sweden, in a little place about 2 hours outside of Stockholm. It was a really lovely day and has definitely set the standard for weddings from now on!

I spent about 3 days in Stockholm with my mum before the wedding and we did some browsing in the old town, where we stumbled upon this amazing little antique and vintage shop. It was literally *bursting* with items, I could have bought half the shop but in the end I settled for these 2 little spice pots. The shop keeper dated them from 1910 so I live in fear of breaking them, they came as a set of 4 and I really regret leaving the other 2 behind now. They were the equivalent of £10 each though and as a penniless student I couldn't really justify £40 on spice pots! I will probably live to regret that in the future when I go on Antiques Roadshow with them and am told they would be worth £10,000 if I had a full set but as I only have half....a fiver. Still, we buy these things because we love them, not because they're worth anything.


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